Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Refute it Thus - Head Heritage HH22

Urthona’s first release, I REFUTE IT THUS, contains three long tracks of primitive noise guitar freakouts inspired by the windswept-tor landscape of mighty Dartmoor. Despatching with the unnecessary trivia of song structure - no chorus except that of the dawn in Urthona’s worldview - I REFUTE IT THUS is a super-intense barrage of maxed-out ampage, coming on like Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s Arc noise collage mangled with a low generation audience recording of My Bloody Valentine at their most mental. Packaged in a unique organic fold-out cover plus inserts and highfalutin liner notes with nods to William Blake, Richard Jefferies and Walt Whitman, I REFUTE IT THUS features photography by Head Heritage boss-drude Julian Cope and design by Holy McGrail. Urthona urge you to take advantage of their incredibly useful feedback-laden West Country psychedelic free-noise garage metal sound.
Play this loud music quiet as hell. More details, ordering info and links to soundfiles at http://www.headheritage.co.uk/urthona/

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